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Filter option

I see a tab for a Filter Option, but I can't seem to figure out how to use it. I am looking to see how to filter initially thru Lists that I have entered... for instance one List may be source, one List may be a store location and I want to pull out every candidate that is entered on those Lists. Can you help walk me thru how to use this Filter Option please?
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Automatic database Backup

Hi there,

Is there a way to automate the backup daily? i can do it manually but this would save me time

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Difference to CatsOne

Hi guys

what is the current status quo to the differences in functionality to catsone?
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Job Board postings

In this free version, will a job posting/ad automatically upload to any job boards or social media? Is there a way to integrate? Thanks!!
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export email list-Solved

Hi again,

Is there a way to export my filtered candidate list's email addresses, so i can send the a specific email from an email service provider?

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Internal Hyperlinks


Under Candidate or Contacts, Is there a way to hyperlink to another contact or candidate? For example, If John Smith's Manager is Ben Korman (listed under Contacts), Is there a way to write Ben Korman with a clickable link to the contact record?

UPDATE: i see that under contacts you can put who they report into and it shows as a clickable link but its not reversed nor can i do it from the ...
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the UI how to support chinese


I am from china, and very glad to find this software, but my team is not good at english,so is it possible to change UI to chinese, how do we need to do. thanks
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Question about a specific workflow that includes job adverts

Hi all,

I am wondering if OpenCATS can support a workflow that includes job adverts. I could not find in the documentation or in the demo site anything like that, but wanted to make sure I did not miss anything.

The workflow I am looking for is related to one company only, with different teams.
- Each team creates job adverts (I guess, these are job orders that are translated by someone else to a ...
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NOT Tags

Hi - Is there a way to filter by NOT having certain tags?

For example, If I want to call everyone that is NOT in New Jersey. Instead of selecting all the other location tags or if I forgotten to tag a location at all. It'll come right up.
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Hostgator commands-Solved

This command # php composer.phar install didn't work for me. I'm on Hostgator.
Everything else was smooth sailing. Do you know where I can get the command for Hostgator? Great tutorial!
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