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the UI how to support chinese


I am from china, and very glad to find this software, but my team is not good at english,so is it possible to change UI to chinese, how do we need to do. thanks
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Question about a specific workflow that includes job adverts

Hi all,

I am wondering if OpenCATS can support a workflow that includes job adverts. I could not find in the documentation or in the demo site anything like that, but wanted to make sure I did not miss anything.

The workflow I am looking for is related to one company only, with different teams.
- Each team creates job adverts (I guess, these are job orders that are translated by someone else to a ...
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NOT Tags

Hi - Is there a way to filter by NOT having certain tags?

For example, If I want to call everyone that is NOT in New Jersey. Instead of selecting all the other location tags or if I forgotten to tag a location at all. It'll come right up.
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Hostgator commands-Solved

This command # php composer.phar install didn't work for me. I'm on Hostgator.
Everything else was smooth sailing. Do you know where I can get the command for Hostgator? Great tutorial!
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Tagging multiple candidates

Hi All,

Is there a way i can tag multiple candidates at the same time with one or more tags?
For example, if I select 100 candidates and I want to tag them all with the tag . How would i do that? instead of manually one by one

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Import from Excel-Solved

Hi All!

I'm new to this but just installed OpenCats on Windows via youtube video. Works great BTW.

Import Question: I have a large excel file with 500+ rows with 5 different columns, but no resume attachments. Is there a quick way i can upload these into the ATS?

Thanks all
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Database Transfer-Solved

Hi - New user here. I want to install opencats on a windows system and use it for a month or so to test it out. My question is...if I want to setup opencats on a server later, is it possible to transfer the database so that I do not lose my information? What would be the process to do that? Could I just copy the database to the server?
Thank you!
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Uploaded files, transfer to different directory?-Solved

Hi, I am new in using OpenCATS-0.9.3-3, and I want all my uploaded files to be transfer in different directory.
For example my htdocs is in directory C: now, and i want to transfer it to directory D:

Is this possible? Pls. help!!!! thanks in advance!
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Linux Install scripts documentation and video is up!

There are now install scripts for Ubuntu, Debian and Centos. These are for systems that do NOT currently have lamp software running, as they install a full lamp stack with php5.6

Documentation: http://opencats-documentation.readthedo ... Linux.html

Super fast, super easy install.... :)
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Can't Log-in

Hi, can you pls help me, i can't log in to my localhost opencats, my username and password is correct but still cant log-in.

pls do help me. thanks
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