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Can OpenCATS track the resume source? Dice or Indeed etc.


We recently installed Opencats 9.4 and in the middle of testing the application before launching it to our users/recruiters. BTW, so far our experience has been great and it is a great product!!!

We post jobs on Dice, Indeed, Career Builder etc. and we are planning to use the "Apply URL" functionality that is available on these job boards so when the user clicks on the Apply button on the posting, the user will ...
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Shared Hosting CV Parser

I have managed to copy resume / document parsing files into OpenCATS 0.9.4 to allow CV Searching on shared hosting, if anyone is interested let me know and will upload files & instructions :)
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[SOLVED ]Lost all my attachments after upgrade to 0.9.4

After upgrading OpenCats to version 0.9.4 it seems I lost all my attachments.

I am lost without the resumes attached to the candidates, who can please help me get this issue fixed? Thansk!

After clicking on an attachment (url: https://##########/index.php?m=attachments&a=getAttachment&id=59&directoryNameHash=87d1d8f9a0bebe795249185b42ddd539) I get the following error:

Invalid Information

Some of the information you provided doesn't follow the correct format and CATS can't interpret what it is. Please go back and complete each field paying close attention ...
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Hi All!

I'm currently running 0.9.4 on shared hosting, all installed no problems. Set up emails to use PHPMail and test email is sent without any problems. But, emails sent to candidates through the "Send Email" option doesn't reach it's intended recipient. Anybody have any ideas? :)
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Email notification coding

Hi OpenCATS Team,
Anyone help me i need Email notification coding.. could anyone send me to my mail id is
Please help me guys..
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Import Job Orders

Hi all-
Thanks for a great piece of software. I've installed for a client switching from a major ATS because of budgetary constraints, and so far the install, customization, and general usage and performance has been far better than I anticipated for opensource software. Great product so far.

Our only snag has been importing their database into the opencats db. I had no problem using the import tool for candidates, companies, resumes, etc, but for ...
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upload a document doc, pdf,...

hi sir,
when I upload a document file(doc, pdf, ..) to textarea the format is not supported to display a content in document file..
please give some suggestion to over come form this problem..

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Career login page

The career login page asks for email, last name and zip code. The zip code is not applicable to me so how do I change that to their cell phone number?
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Job Order

Hi Guys

I create a new Job Order, when i choose the contact person and what company and click save.

It then automatically choose someone else from another company that is not related to the company i chosen,

Could you please help?
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Composer Installed or Not

Hello Guys, I'm new at Recruitment Process. I need to track applicants, its hard to track in excel. I have a little knowledge of web dev but I follow the instructions how to install OpenCats in documentation.

I'm having a some problem with composer if installed or not


and this error show up when I'm accessing the website

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