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Bulk upload companies & contacts

Hello - Is there any way to bulk upload companies and contacts from an excel sheet or CSV file? I read through all of the documentation I could find and didn't see it mentioned. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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way to send email with cc:

Hi guys, is there a way that we could send email to candidates with CC:?

Thanks in advance.
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Email Setting!!!

Hi guys, I am new in using OpenCATS-0.9.3-3 and my OS is windows 7,

May I ask where I can edit again the email setting? so that I can input the right SMTP Support, SMTP Host,
SMTP Port, SMTP Username and SMTP Password..

Thanks in advance..
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Import Resume Error!!!

Hi, I'm new in using OpenCATS-0.9.3-3, and I encountered this error,
"Fatal error: Class 'COM' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\OpenCATS-0.9.3-3\lib\DocumentToText.php on line 362"
I uploaded resume which has PDF type. Why is this happening?

Please Help! Thanks in advance...
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Email History

Hello everyone,

I saw a feature while testing candidATS that would be a really nice addition to OpenCATS, that is Email history and send email button in the candidate profile (see image below). Does anyone have implemented this in OpenCATS ?
If not, is there a way to get some help in developing this and maybe add it to the next release of OpenCATS ? I have a rather decent level in programming but I ...
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Install Application not appearing

Hi All,

I am trying to set up Opencats and followed the guide http://opencats-documentation.readthedo ... ndows.html
However when i try to open localhost/ats it doesnt prompt for installation as mentioned here: http://opencats-documentation.readthedo ... p-opencats
instead it shows a file directory (image attached)
Can someone guide me if I have gone wrong
PS: I am not a developer , I have a little knowledge ...
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Upload button is greyed out on career page


I am new to opencats, it seems to be a great solution for job applications and records. I am currently in the testing phase to implement this in our company.

I have noticed that in my environment, When I go to a career page and apply for a job. There is a field to upload resume. In my case, the "Upload" button is greyed out. Means, I cannot use the upload functionality.

I have ...
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Instructions how to install OpenCats on Godaddy cPanel

Hi OpenCats

I am currently on a Godaddy Deluxe Linux plan and have a hosting plan where i would like to host my OpenCats ATS.... I don't know how to go about installing it. Do i need someone technical to set it up for me or can i do it myself?

I am not tech, just a recruiter that is starting his business.

Thank you!
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Updated to new version and cannot view ANY candidates


I just upgraded to the new version about a few weeks ago and after doing so, the Candidates tab is there but when I click on it it does not work and errors out. Do I just reupload the files and replace them? I do not want to lose my candidate pool and I am not too experianced to try my own troubleshooting.
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Changing Default Fields


I wanted to not have last name field compulsary(without which the candidate form is not accepted) when creating a new candidate. how do i remove that ?

Any Suggestions?

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