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Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detector from jkdcsecurity got good quality and suitable price. Anyone in need? Please contact us.
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Not able to email Candidates Not able to email Candidates

We recently installed OpenCATS0.9.4 and had no issues when installing. We are attempting to email candidates from lists and we get the following error:

Required Fields are Missing

One or more of the input fields on the page you came from were required and were left with blank or incorrect values. The action you're trying to perform cannot be completed without those fields. Please use the back button on your browser to return to where ...
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Status Change Email Templates

Hi All!

I'm looking for someone to help me create individual email templates for each job application status, rather than one blanket template, if someone can help please.

For example, rather than have the following for all statuses:-

* Auto generated message. Please DO NOT reply *


This E-Mail is a notification that your status in our database has been changed for the position %JBODTITLE% (%JBODCLIENT%).

Your previous status was <B>%CANDPREVSTATUS%</B>.
Your ...
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Help! Failed attempt to clone a live site

I wanted to clone our live OpenCATS installation to test future updates and customizations, but I ended up with a fatal error, and now our live installation is down. Can someone tell me what I did wrong, or if my server configuration got messed up somehow?

I used SSH to copy the files from the entire folder to a new folder:

cp -fr sourcefoldername destinationfoldername

Then I went into the MySQL database, exported the entire ...
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Missing Image in Documentation

Could somebody please reup the image 'RecruitmentProcess.png' in ? Thanks.
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OpenCATS Installation resources-START HERE OpenCATS Installation resources-START HERE

OpenCATS has documentation and walkthrough videos to help you get OpenCATS installed on whatever system you want to run it on. If you run Linux, there are some scripts available that will automate the entire process.

We now have MAC install documentation (thanks skrchnavy!!) It lacks pictures, but should get you through it.

Please read the documentation and view the videos first.

NOTE: The documentation is updated for OpenCATS 0.9.4, as well as the Linux ...
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Need To Alter Candidate's Field & Input type.

I need To Change Add Candidate's fileds. Any one can help to modify this..?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Help with OpenCats install on

Dear Experts,

I have looked over the documentation and read messages but amcompletely lost on how to install OpenCats on 1and1.

I managed to set up a database and user on 1and1 but that's as far as I get. I have managed to get into webspace (file area) to upload the tar file but am unable to extract it.

I am confused and lost. please can you offer guidance.

I do not have any coding ...
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Login Issue

Using OpenCats 0.9.1 (Beas) on a shared host. Never had any trouble.

Problem: When I try to login, nothing seems to happen.
When I try to login with a false login I get the message: "Invalid username or password." so something is happening.

I've got a workaround but that is very inconvenient.

My hosting provider has the possibility to change the PHP version. When I make a switch, no matter what version, I can login ...
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"Upload" button is not active on Career Portal URL

Hello OpenCATS,

I've got my OpenCATS up and running and have created 2 companies and 3 jobs. I manually added candidates to a job order pipeline via the Job Orders page.

I then activated my careers website via the settings page. My 3 jobs are visible on http://localhost/OpenCATS/careers. So far so good...

However, when a "candidate" applies for a job, the "Import Resume (or CV) and Populate Fields" does ...
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