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unable to use candidates tab after restoring to latest cats

Hi i managed to restored data from older version of cats into latest copy on ubuntu 16.04 however encounter this problem

when click on tab , the following error appears

Query Error -- Report to System Administrator ASAP

MySQL Query Failed: Table 'opencats1.tag' doesn't exist

t2.title AS tag_parent_title,
t1.title AS tag_title
tag t1
tag t2 ON t2.tag_id = t1.tag_parent_id
WHERE t1.site_id = 1
ORDER BY IFNULL(t1.tag_parent_id, t1.tag_id), t1.tag_id

can ...
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New install, cant find page-Solved

I have completed my new install and find when I open a new browser window in Windows Edge on my Surface Pro 3, I get an error that it can not find my page. I am afraid if I log off I will not be able to log back in. What am I missing?
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add job blank page

Hi all,

I have currently installed 0.9.3 Inferno, I do not have access to ssh and the hoster wont help. Everything works fine accept when I add a job, the page goes blank.
What can I do?
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reduce size of resume--Solved

Hi guys,

anyone here know how to add / reduce size of resume in opencats?


PS: I'm using the latest version of opencats
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Remove Company Module & its dependancies

For my purposes, I want to remove the Company module from OpenCATS all together. Whats the best process to remove this module and all of its dependancies/requiremens/links to other modules without breaking everything.

I plan to start removing code, and start working through the code error to see what other functions, modules, etc.. depend on it... but that may take forever. Wanted to see if any one had a better suggestion? ...
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[SOLVED]MySQL Query Failed during installation Set time_zone

Hello, while trying to install version 0.9.3-3, I came across this error during the last step of installation:

MySQL Query Failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ' ' at Line 1

UPDATE site SET time_zone =

Trying to install on a CentOS7 server, I followed this guide: pretty much exactly as written as of ...
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'Cannot connect to database.'-Solved

php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

Not quite sure what's going on, however, I keep receiving this error when running the Test Database Connectivity. I've walked through the documentation step-by-step and have made sure everything was running correctly. I don't believe I've run into any other errors except this one.

Ubuntu (16.04), PHP (5.6), OpenCATS (0.9.3-3), LAMP
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OpenCATS Wordpress Plugin


Where does the wp-opencats folder need to be uploaded to in order to use the OpenCATS plugin on my website? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Career Portal

So I followed all the steps on how to install OpenCats 9.3.3 on BlueHost. Everything seems to work but I want to set up a career portal and I can't find it?
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Job Order : Log Activity

Hi guys, I tried adding a status in Log-Activity job order;
but I got this error when trying to edit a status in log-activity job order.

Please help me what I can do to this line,
I just added a 900 - 950 id for job order in Database

Thanks in advance.

Notice: Undefined offset: 900 in D:\htdocs\ATS\modules\joborders\JobOrdersUI.php on line 1453

Notice: Undefined offset: 950 in D:\htdocs\ATS\modules\joborders\JobOrdersUI.php on line 1453
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