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Discussions on a possible new project OSATS for OpenCATS GPL.
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New Install of OpenCats on Windows 2008

Have installed OpenCats on a Windows 2008 server using the instructions provided but am unable to connect to the server via client PCs, Have added exclusions for the firewall for port 80 and also tried disabling the firewall with no luck. Can only connect locally on the server using HTTP:\\localhost . any advise on what I am missing please.

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need a help

hi all can u help me up

I wanted to integrated the open cats with my website.where I m facing a problem how to store data from my website form similar to the add candidate in open cats and posting that values to database of the open cats.

I try but resume file will not be stored in database of open cats

if anybody pls help me
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Tell us your feature requests Tell us your feature requests

Dear users,

We are glad to offer you to participate in planning the OpenCATS Developer roadmap at UserVoice.

Go to and share your ideas about new features you want to see in OpenCATS. There you may vote for features that are already in our roadmap, and they will have higher priority in our plans, or you may suggest your own features, and if they will get enough votes, we will include them to the ...
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Telecoms (CTI & Asterisk)

How do, everyone. This is my first post, so I won't charge in, giving it stacks about the potential to unleash business beasts by integrating OpenCATS with the open source telephony softwitch, Asterisk.

I will however, admit that I love the smell of telephones in the morning.

If there are ideas regarding telephony integration with OpenCATS, it would be worth airing them here.
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Is OpenCATS dead?

Haven't been many updates in a while. has this project fallen to the wayside?
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PHP Jobsite. A PHP Script to be considered.

Hi all,

While surfing i came across this nicely featured PHP Jobsite script selling at around 349$ i guess. its not an ATS, but a good front end site for Job advertisements. the thing i liked about it is its admin features which included an Automated invoicing system and a Membership plan configuration system. Also it can be customized to any language u like as it is language independent.

I liked the Automation features as ...
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First Looks: OpenCats Rebranding Logo Ideas

Hi all,

I have some logo ideas for the new born ATS. Check them out and ideas would be much appreciated, Especially Brutal Harsh Cricitism. Its all about how you feel towards a symbol.. :)





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Calling for community input! Calling for community input!

Basically, if we're going to *slowly* re-engineer the app into a GPL Applicant Tracking System, what are;

a) the basics that are required
b) the 'value add' great features
c) the integration points - what existing projects woulld it be good to interlock with?

Starting at a) - I've revisited an old post Mabdalla made in the catsone forums waaay back - and pushed it into the wiki; ...
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Put ideas on the wiki

I suggest we all start using the wiki at ... _Sky_ideas! to document the ideas that are being posted here. It makes for easier reading and finding on what has all been suggested. :D
Your thoughts?
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I own a small company and have been looking into ATS' and I found this, because I am a small startup I prefer open source, very affordable but there seems to be no open source ATS that I could find, and this well from the sounds of it you guys need to start from scratch to be truly OS because of licensing issues. I would like to sponsor your project to develop an open ...
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