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Upgrade / Fix : Non admins restricted export usage

Hello all.

I recently was asked to modify a 0.9.3 version of opencats because the owner of the implementation wanted specific behavior to be implemented, and I thought I would share the change with the community.

The owner is an opencats admin who wants to prevent non-admin (read only) users of the system from being able to run data exports.

In order to implement this I followed the code back to the ExportUI.php module in ...
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starting installation errors

Hi All ,

please when I install start up installation getting error and also attached error file

Warning: include_once(./vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\opencats\lib\TemplateUtility.php on line 38

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening './vendor/autoload.php' for inclusion (include_path='C:\xampp\php\PEAR') in C:\xampp\htdocs\opencats\lib\TemplateUtility.php on line 38
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I'm currently working on i18n for OpenCATS (Polish version) - integrating with php-gettext.
If anybody interested - can prepare pull request of this.
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LDAP and Windows

I had a hard time finding information on getting OpenCATS to work with my Windows based LDAP. After doing some trouble shooting I finally got it to work the way I would like.

Ldap settings in my config.php

define ('LDAP_HOST', '');
define ('LDAP_PORT', '389');

define ('LDAP_BASEDN', 'cn=Users,dc=my,dc=domain,dc=com');

define ('LDAP_BIND_DN', '');
define ('LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD', '');

define ('LDAP_ACCOUNT', '$username'); // '{$username}' cannot be changed, else can

define ('LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_UID', 'samaccountname'); //default uid
define ('LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_DN', 'dn'); ...
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Using softphone, skype ect within OpenCats. Nice to have

Because I work on different locations I decided to use a softphone and voip. (voice over ip)
I also prefer FireFox and Thunderbird as a internet explorer and email client because it's easier to sync with your Android phones than other applications.

I found this nice plugin for FireFox called "Telify". Telify recognizes phone numbers on web pages and in email messages and converts them to clickable links.
OpenCats is a webapplication and as aspected ...
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cannot add contacts

i am not able to add contacts because the saved company name is not automatically popped out while typing in company field.
pls suggest some resolutions.
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Opencats on webserver

I have successfully installed OpenCats on windows using WAMP but i am not able to install it on websever. The database connectivity is not getting done. Please help me out with a solution. I am installing on it a folder

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When editing a company the fields at the right side isn't li

I've been fooled. It's only a problem in IE11. Sorry!!!!!

When you are at tab: Companies: Edit Company you see that the field on the right side are showed to low.
Adding a small line will "solve" this problem.
Edit the file: Modules/companies/Edit.tpl

Insert at row 173:
<?php /* These empty row forces the right rows to group at the top and align with the left-side table. */ ?>

and it will look nicer.
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Pimping the Google Maps Icon

Because I'm not a programmer I can only pimp the looks. :)
The google maps icon used at the tab "Companies: Comapany Details" is somewhat old fashioned.
I've changed it to this: Image

If you want to use it copy it with the right mouse button and save it as google_maps.gif in the /images directory
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Missing icon at Calander

As far as I know it has never been mentioned on this forum:
When you add a item within the Tab calendar and you choose for the type: "Other" you won't see an icon.
The reason is that the image "other.gif" doesn't exist.
I used the activity icon and made it 16x16 pixels. Image
If you like Just put it in the directory or make your own ;) ...
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