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Host online

Post by Ilovecats » 25 Jan 2018, 16:55

Hi There!

Looking for advice on the best way to do this.

At the moment, this ATS is on my computer in the USA but I want to hire an employee/ offshore resource from the Philippines or India. I need them to be able to access this database and add candidates/contacts/etc.

Should i host this online through my own computer? how would i do that? Should i worry that someone can hack my computer?
Should i pay for an online hosting service? What company and how much you think this will cost?

Thanks guys

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Re: Host online

Post by copiousquirk » 26 Jan 2018, 21:10

OP, the installing guide has a Tutorial on how to upload to GoDaddy and other hosting site. Go ahead and check that out first.

Piggybacking off this thread actually...I'm trying to install and restore from a backup file with all the data. The Tutorial says [Restore installation from backup will be covered in a future tutorial] but I'm trying anyways.

I've entered a restore folder with the .bak file in there but there was a hiccup in Step 7 : Finishing Installation.

It says Performing Maintenance: Please wait whilst the OpenCATS database is brought up to date... and then it disappears to nothing.

PLEASE HELP! thanks guys

EDIT: there is a split second where its say Please wait while your unindexed resumes are reindexed - not sure what that means but it gets stuck after that.

EDIT2: I've now added a php.ini file into the public.html folder with the below per someones instructions.


Now I'm getting a Fatal error:

Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in /home/whizfinder/public_html/ATS/lib/DocumentToText.php on line 401

Any Advice people?
thanks again

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Re: Host online

Post by RussH » 20 Feb 2018, 13:34

HI there,

sorry I've not checked in to the forums earlier - are you still struggling with this?

Report your issues and feature requests;

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