That's it I'm throwing in the towel

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That's it I'm throwing in the towel

Post by C2C1 » 07 Jul 2019, 20:05

I'm brain fried after two days and now i'm done. Only issue i can possibly think of is my host is blocking due to PHP 5.6 no longer being supported. I have installed and reinstalled. I have changed usernames - passwords, done database repair. There is no index block. So I give up, hopefully i will be able to return when php 7 is available.

Thanks for everything you do though, what you do matters!

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Re: That's it I'm throwing in the towel

Post by RussH » 08 Jul 2019, 11:00

Hi Dawn,

shouldn't be long, until PHP 7.2 compatible version is released, it's already in test and seem to have a fair few unofficial users on it. Just needs some more testing. I can notify you when it's out?

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