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Login Issue

Post by manuel » 18 Sep 2017, 12:57

Using OpenCats 0.9.1 (Beas) on a shared host. Never had any trouble.

Problem: When I try to login, nothing seems to happen.
When I try to login with a false login I get the message: "Invalid username or password." so something is happening.

I've got a workaround but that is very inconvenient.

My hosting provider has the possibility to change the PHP version. When I make a switch, no matter what version, I can login for some time.

In my opinion it must be some PHP setting. Has anybody got some suggestions please?


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Re: Login Issue

Post by RussH » 18 Sep 2017, 16:04

Hi Manuel,

sounds very odd. But 0.9.1 is quite old.. mind you that's what I run, too! As 0.9.1 is before password hashing, you can change the associated password in phpmyadmin easily. I suspect your apache error log is full of errors that may help? However officially the answer should be - please backup everything in sight, then upgrade to 0.9.4 as 0.9.1 has known issues, security holes, etc.

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