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Harold wrote:how to mark the post as solved ??
you just tick the post (top right hand side of this post) Glad you got there. Whilst it's still fresh can you smmarise here (or on a PM if you prefer) what was confusing, and what your experience is with the app?

Not so much the 'it doesn't connect to linkedin or gmail' that we get - but I'd like to try to make the install and use allot more smooth.
I do not see any "tick" if I click on the post number I only get the post

The downloading is pretty straightforward if you know the version numbers you can Google for it and download them.
What is important is:
program name and version number
link to the download of the OpenCATS release
and then a step by step guidance:
- when to start Xampp, and as administrator
- when to start Apache (and what to do if the port numbers are already used)
- when to start MySQL (and what to do if the port numbers are already used)
- where to unpack the OpenCATS zip file
- then starting localhost/phpMyAdmin, and the rest

I got stuck for some time with the instruction "start the installation" How ???

Would love to discuss more with you but that might not be relevant in this post
You can always Pm me

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