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Bulk Activity Logging

Posted: 22 Apr 2021, 14:47
by talentxfactor

I have a "list" in opencats ... and a number of contacts I am doing an activity with.

If I have x number of candidates all getting the same activity - as an example a linkedin invite or a message or a phone call - is there a way to BULK log the activity so I don't have to individually assign the history to each candidate?

Also, similar question ... if I have a group of x in my list and I want to change the same field to something new - i.e. Job Title assigned and change it for everyone in the list or group - as well a BULK edit - is this possible?

Just learning the ropes .. .any help much appreciated.


Re: Bulk Activity Logging

Posted: 29 Apr 2021, 13:54
by RussH

this is both easy and hard to do...

There's no 'bulk update' option. However I did have some 'custom code' that would send email to a list (candidate/client) and then would update activities for all the members of that list with the content of the email .

However it was for a previous version of opencats and is no longer compatible. So it could be done - but largely something that'd record if you initiated it form within opencats.

However - bulk updates.. I'm sure you could write an option for the context options for lists to add an activity to all of them with an activity type of 'Other' and whatever freeform text you want to add in.

It's not there now but if you want it feel free to code it up :-)