Resume Indexing Configuration

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Resume Indexing Configuration

Post by katoom » 21 Nov 2015, 16:57


I am a total newbie and having waded through the challenges of installing OpenCATS on Windows I am now stuck at the Resume Indexing Configuration during installation. I have entered the executable paths (checked via DOS prompt) and when I click on test configuration it just times out. Do I skip or anm I doing something wrong.

The paths I have entered are as follows:





Really would appreciate help here as I have zero experience with this and am fairly clueless. :oops:


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Re: Resume Indexing Configuration

Post by manuel » 26 Nov 2015, 22:14

Hi there,

It seems that you didn't install the programs at those paths. Am I right?
The easiest way is to install this is using the file setupResumeIndexingTools.exe but for some reason the file is not aviable at the website

Send me a PB with your email adres and I'll mail it to you. It's only 1,37Mb


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Re: Resume Indexing Configuration

Post by pgrooms » 06 Jul 2018, 17:38

Can you send the file to me please?

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