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OpenCats works but site defaults to Apache Test Page

 by Loren ¦  04 Jul 2019, 03:13 ¦  Forum: Cries for Help! ¦  Topic: OpenCats works but site defaults to Apache Test Page ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 549

Hello friends. I got my most recent installation of OpenCATS up and running fine - as long as I go to http://1.234.567.89/opencats/ But, I can't get the site to default to OpenCATS. If I go to http://1.234.567.89 I just get the Apache Test Page. (obviously, that's a made up IP) Am I missing a settin...

Installation Test: Cannot connect to database

 by Loren ¦  19 May 2017, 03:21 ¦  Forum: Cries for Help! ¦  Topic: Installation Test: Cannot connect to database ¦  Replies: 3 ¦  Views: 1843

Hello everyone, I have been installing OpenCATS onto a RHEL server with everything loading into Linux just fine. But when I start the actual OpenCats installation, when I get to the CATS installation test, I get: Cannot connect to database Access denied for user 'cats'@'localhost' (using password: Y...

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