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Thanks Russ. This did it for me. I now have my candidate data in an Excel file and can work on migrating it out. Hopefully OpenCATS gets moved to normal release for PHP 7 soon.

Thanks for all your help. I'll give this a try and will report back.

Thanks Russ. Any chance you could elaborate on exporting to CSV from my phpmyadmin? That sounds like it may be my only option. I don't think the powers that be will let me install a beta version of anything at this point.

Due to a recent breach of my website, I have had to update all my services to ensure I had the latest patches. Unfortunately, that broke OpenCATS as I am now on PHP 7.2.7 as part of the remediation. My IT team will not let us downgrade PHP now, so I'm unable to access OpenCATS from the front end. I ...

Hiding "populate fields ->" button from applicants

 by ChocolateMoose ¦  14 Nov 2018, 15:48 ¦  Forum: Cries for Help! ¦  Topic: Hiding "populate fields ->" button from applicants ¦  Replies: 0 ¦  Views: 308

Since the populate fields button doesn't currently work, I'd like to remove it. Unfortunately, I can't find a spot to remove this area in the candidate application screen. Is there some method to removing this that I'm missing? I've looked in the .html, .css, and even java and don't see what I need ...

Re: Install fails at step 6 - loading extras

 by ChocolateMoose ¦  07 Nov 2018, 19:57 ¦  Forum: Cries for Help! ¦  Topic: Install fails at step 6 - loading extras ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 306

Solved my own problem. As it turns out, Wordfence in WordPress was blocking this step in the firewall. By going to the WordFence app within WordPress and setting the firewall to learning mode, it let me keep going forward. Hope this helps others in the future.

Install fails at step 6 - loading extras

 by ChocolateMoose ¦  07 Nov 2018, 18:43 ¦  Forum: Cries for Help! ¦  Topic: Install fails at step 6 - loading extras ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 306

I'm trying to install OpenCATS 9.4.2 on a Bluehost hosted environment. I can make it all the way through the installation until I reach step 6. When I click next from the mail setup page to move to the "loading extras" page, all that is displayed is the current date and GMT time. There is nothing el...

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Thanks for the explanation.

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