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Export to CSV Function Returns No Data (v. 0.9.6)
by aarong - 07 May 2021, 20:21  - in: Cries for Help!
3 Replies
by RussH
11 May 2021, 12:16
Autofill option
by sailesh - 27 Mar 2017, 14:12  - in: Cries for Help!
3 Replies
by RussH
07 May 2021, 10:37

Hi, so have had a frustrating morning blowing aw[…]

Autofill option

let me test on a local install.. works on the prod[…]

Upgrade to PHP 7.3

So.. we're at 7.2 at the moment, there is at least[…]

Security issues

Okay, so this is a wiki entry for restricting file[…]

Hello! Thanks ementalist! This fixed my upgrade […]

Resume scoring

Hi, sorry this isn't available within opencats

Bulk Activity Logging

Hi, this is both easy and hard to do... There'[…]