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I have successfully installed this patch ( ) and it works well (similar to a feature in CandidATS). However, the sent emails are not logged. Can logging be added in a subsequent update?

Emails are in fact logged in the email_history table, however, this history is not readily visible. This is also the case for emails sent from the Candidates grid screen, an issue which Activity recording for emails - contribution from the forum #380 should address however this patch appears to have an issue (ref viewtopic.php?f=4&t=728 ).

As a workaround, I have added a BCC in mailer.php which emails, until some time that email_history data is visible in the candidate's profile.

I have a separate patch I had developed that logs outbound emails to the activity log. Also permit bulk emails to candidate / client lists. Unfortunately due to different branches in github it's incompatible with the development version that's PHPv7 compatible. Once the new version is out the door, I'll revisit and get it reworked.

Happy to share now so long as you know the caveats, and of course if you are capable, you can rework it so that it works.

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