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By chrisp
Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you all for providing us with this great free software.

I'm not a programmer, after I searched this forums, I can not find the solution, so I carefully put forward the proposal:

I have a firm wish several employee, the information of Job Orders and Candidates is vital for every employee, could we support this:
- OpenCATS system can set three roles: staff, manager, administrator.
- The administrator create staff role with this permission: each staff will manages their own Job Orders and their own Candidates, and will not be able to see others' Job Orders & Candidates.
- The administrator create manager role with this permission: each manager supervises several staffs, and this manager will sees their own staff's (one or more) Job Orders and Candidates.

Kind regards and thanks again.

By chrisp
After Adam's tips in, I clarify that I know OpenCATS provides the flexibility to assign access policy, as such:

-Read Only
-Add / Edit
-Add / Edit / Delete (Default)
-Site Administrator

And, OpenCATS allows the Admin creates one Job Order and has the option of assigning it a Recruiter and an Owner.

However, these existing features still cannot solve the problem that‘s listed in my proposal.
By chrisp
RussH wrote: 25 Aug 2020, 11:55 HI

granular user access restrictions are controlled in config.php lines 346 onwards, and usage of the ACL is described in ... n/issues/6

..until it makes it's way into the documentation
Thanks RussH, I am not a programmer, could you OpenCATS team put more detailed Access Control settings into the system settings -> Administration?
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By RussH
It's not something any developer is currently working on, if you needed this it would have to be pursued a s a piece of funded development work.
By Lee50
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