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By xtremebassist

I just finished performing an CATS upgrade for a client. First I must say cool software! Great work! My client wanted to upgrade to get the resuming searching functionality. So I set up a test environment on my personal server first and then did an upgrade from 0.8 to 0.9.1. It went very smoothly but I did have to install Antiword, PDFToText, HTML2Text and UnRTF for it function correctly. So when I went to do the upgrade on his hosting service, these programs were not installed! I did the upgrade but of course it did not have the functionality he desired.

Generally the only way to be able install the necessary programs, you have to get a dedicated server instead of shared hosting plan. I knew my client needs were very small so a solution would not be cost effective. So I search high and low for a low cost hosting service that not only had these necessary programs installed, but installed correctly.

I finally came in contact of Jermie of Universal Net Visions. He not only agreed to install these necessary programs, he allow me to install and make sure the worked correctly with CATS! Now my client is super happy and has a very low cost, fully functioning CATS installation.

I created a "How To" for the *nix upgrade process: ... 8_to_0.9.1

Basically it is the same as the upgrade procedure on the OpenCATS wiki but I corrected one step:
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cp -p -r cats-x.x.x/attachments/ cats-0.9.1/
Should be:
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cp -p -r cats-x.x.x/attachments/ cats-0.9.1/attachments/
This is critical for your attachments to available in new version of CATS.

I also added some simple "Pimp your CATS" tips.
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By RussH

that's very informative - thanks, it'd be great if you could also update the opencats wiki to show the same - or at least point to your wiki for the extra parts. This is a community resource after all - I don't restrict any wiki updates at-all!

If you have any other hints or tips, you'll find a willing audience here


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