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Greetings everyone, I'm new here.
Just thought I should give out a wave, and a bit of background because you're sure to hear from me if we pursue our intended path with OpenCATS. And I hope I might be as useful to you in return.

I'm developing for a hiring agency which has a very successful process for placing candidates: 92% of those it hires remain in place after one year, as opposed to the normal average of 30%. Unlike most agencies, it takes little account of a candidate's CV and relies instead on an in-depth application form with questions which have been written specifically for the job. The questions are mostly with paragraph form answers and require the candidate to express how they have, or would, behave and respond in particular circumstances.

The few applicants who make the grade from these application forms are then invited to a telephone interview. This eliminates all but a very few candidates, so the client normally has only two or three to choose from. By this stage the successful candidates are so strong that often the client hires both of them... Anyway, to give you an example of how successful the process is, the agency guarantees successful placements for more than a year, OR it will go through the whole hiring process again - even if they're hit by a bus...!

We have written and deployed the application form app, plus a streamlined scoring mechanism. We have also tested them successfully using an SaaS ATS, and trialled them with using a Cloud ATS product while hiring for an internal position of our own. This exercise has flagged some flaws of working with SaaS ATS systems, and even though the api they provide is fairly extensive, we haven't found them to be as flexible as we need them to be to accomplish a true automation of our process.

So this is what has pricked my interest in OpenCATS, and I will be installing it and assessing the possibilities of it working with our existing system, in the coming days. I'm really hopeful it can integrate with what we've got (also on MySQL with php), and is adaptable enough to accommodate some of the peculiar demands we might press on it.

Sorry for the long intro but I hope it helps to break the ice on some of the questions I'm bound to pose in this forum. I'm encouraged by what I've read so far, and I hope our project can also provide helpful input and feedback to you all at OpenCATS.

Thanks for reading. More soon...
Best wishes

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