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Recruitment agency - few questions

Posted: 01 Oct 2019, 09:59
by youstolemyheart
Hey guys,

Firstly thank you for providing us with this free software - much, much appreciated. I got familiar with it few years ago.

Professionally i've come to a stage to start my own business in IT recruitment and i made a research what software to use.
I think OpenCATS is the right one to start with.
So far we are 2 people in our company, dealing with google docs, but i think we need to step up the game and i would like to hire 2-3 more people.

My questions are:

1/Is there a way of preventing or dealing with theft/stealing our DB here? Some kind of notification that i will receive or user might be blocked if suspicion behavior is seen?

2/ I would like to hire freelancers to work with, but can i give them access to specific parts of the DB, or only some positions?

Kind Regards and thank you once again.

Re: Recruitment agency - few questions

Posted: 01 Oct 2019, 16:02
by RussH
For both your questions there's really a single answer. You can implement the ACL feature of opencats (normally disabled) to have different user profiles with different access rights.

i.e. for some, the export option might be disabled, or they can't access some module, but for others they have full access

See here ... trol-Lists