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I wanted to share this workaround for anyone else having problems with Tags (and removing all from a single candidate), as I couldn't find any solutions out there.

Background: My team started using the tag feature, which is great for advanced sorting and filtering. Which is definitely a feature I encourage others to explore if they are not already doing so. However, in our current version 0.9.4, we were unable to remove all tags from a candidate. A proposed work around internally was to have a tag labeled 'None', but I thought this was a lame solution. After playing around with the code a bit, a quick workaround is to just add a hidden input with a fictitious static tagID in the form adding the tags(See Below). While this doesn't fix the ACTUAL issue going on here, this works just fine. In addition, and not required, a second step would be to add an extra query to remove that extra tag right after updating.

Workaround: File: ./opencats/modules/candidates/AssignCandidateTagModal.tpl add the following line inside the <form>:
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                <input type="hidden" id="candidateTAGG" name="candidate_tags[]" value="99999" />

Optional Second Part: File: ./opencats/lib/Tags.php add the line below after the $queryResult in the function AddTagsToCandidate near the very end of the file, Line 268 if it's the orig file.
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                $queryResult = $this->_db->query("delete from candidate_tag where tag_id = 99999");

Wasn't sure if I posted this in the right part of this forum, my bad if this was the wrong spot.
Hi Rob,

thank you for this. Sorry for the radio silence, have been building the release for php 7.x compatible version. I'll add this as a minor update to the release, unless you want to create a PR on github?

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