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By DRHarrison
We just had our annual Security penetration test, and OpenCATS was flagged due to the older versions of PHP, Apache, and OpenSSL from the XAMPP 5.6.28-1-VC11-installer we used with OpenCATS. Those older versions have vulnerabilities that were flagged.

Our OpenCATS install version 0.9.4-3 and is running on Windows 10

Is there a newer version of XAMPP that contains newer versions of PHP, Apache, and OpenSSL that is
compatible with OpenCATS?

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By RussH
Hi there,

yes, the version that should be released as prod shortly is php 7.2 compatible. ... ag/0.9.5-3

Note that you should migrate carefully, ideally test migrate and do not do it on your prod system in the first instance. This is not PHP 7.4 compatible, those changes will be rolled into future releases.
By DRHarrison
Thanks Russ.

Any idea when the new release will be available for production?

Noted on the 7.2 version.

I will make sure to migrate in test first.
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By RussH
it's dependant on me getting my lazy/busy arse into gear and pushing the release. shouldn't be any code changes in there, I just need to merge Develop to Master, then release.

Hi Russ. Have you managed to investigate this one?

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