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By o.kefis
Hello everyone!
So, i've been trying to set up opencats to suit my needs as much as possible, but i'm kind of a newbie. Everything works fine so far except one thing...
I've been trying to export a candidate from a job order and i want to have the current status of the candidate in the exported file!! Can anyone help me??
I've installed opencats on xampp, running on Windows system..
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By RussH
so if you export from the job orders view, please include the field 'pipeline' if you want to see candidates in the pipeline, or if you want to see candidate status then from the candidate view, include the 'Status' or 'Extended Status' field.
Hello again,
I've included the 'pipeline' field in the job order section and also the 'status' and 'extended status' in the candidate section. I can see the status of each candidate i've added. The problem is that when i export a candidate from a job order, the .csv file i get on my computer doesn't include their current status (interviewing, qualifying etc.)
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