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By zoomiest
I have had several problems with applications, over time.
I just installed a fresh database.
I upload a test resume and it works. I get the resume. I get the data typed into fields.

1) But, I don't get a page to confirm to the candidate that it all went well. I get a white screen.

Can I set one up? How do I do this?

2) If a candidate doesn't click "Upload" (they think the Browse button will automatically load things). I won't get the resume.

What can we do about that? Can we have the browse button automatically LOAD the test of the resume, and skip the Upload button?
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By RussH
I need to set the demo site back up so I can reference some test URL's - but in this;

- I assume you're using the career portal? I just enabled it on my local install & don't you get this after your application?
I get:
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This page isn’t working (my domain name) is currently unable to handle this request.
However, I have even found the location of the post-application page:
(Settings > Administration > Careers Website > Templates > Custom Templates > Edit > Content - Thanks for your Submission.

I just can't get it to load, after a submission.

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