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By sanja
Hi, I wanted to ask a question about the demo site.

Since I am not able to see characteristics of the administration tab, I was wondering is there a possibility to set triggers within opencats? Also, what is the "import" option like? Is there a possibility to import resumes in any other form rather than CSV?

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By RussH

sorry - the admin panel in the demo is locked-out to prevent vandalism!

I'll PM you the admin login and PW
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By RussH
Hi Dvnizr,

when I moved webhosts at the start of the year I didn't reinstall the demo-site as frequent hack attempts were what pissed off my old webhost. I can reinstall it here if you want though - but I'll reinstall the 0.9.2 version. That okay for you?
By mp_mahesh

I am really impressed with the user section.
Could anyone please provide me the administrator uname/password for the demo site to get an understanding of admin section and features?

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