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By imendes

there is any plans to openCats, so we can translated it to ohter languages?

Thank you.
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By manuel
If there are plans I would like to do the Dutch version.
I have translate 0.9.1 to the Dutch language for let's say 80%

I used two tools: Notepad++ for making the adjustments and Windows Grep to search in the code.
Sometimes you've really got to dig but ...... it's also fun to do.
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By RussH
Hey Manuel, I've been meaning to email you but keep misplacing it - there's a dutch free (not sure it's open-source) ATS system.. will search my email archive. Have you checked out the local-language projects?

update - it's
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By manuel
Hello Russh,

Í am familiar with Recruity but I wasn't my cup of thee. It is open source with some limitations like Cats once was. At first it's difficult to install and they know it. They will charge you €100 to do it for you. I didn't succeed so I tried the demo. Well ... very disapointing comparing to OpenCats.
For using OpenCats you don't need a manual just your common sense. Recruity has a terrible look and feel and if there is a logical workflow ... I have not discover it yet. It also hasn't got a carreer page and that page is so usefull.
In my opinion OpenCats has a future as long as some programmers are willing to devellop it more.
By the way I don't know what you mean with Local language projects. (Maybe Jos knows ;) )
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By RussH
yes, Jos will sell you a hosted version of cats in Dutch!

I agree, opencats is a great base - and it does get used allot - as I get emails on it - however companies are reluctant to contribute their customisations back to the project, despite my requests!
By joelo
Hi, nice to meet you. I really appreciate tour work. I will like to colaborate with you in translation to spanish. Don give up, your project is awsome, just happenst that some times is not the right time but this do not means that is a wrong thing. You will have a lot of success.
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By manuel
The only way to translate OpenCats is doing al the nessecary files by hand. It will take you about 40 hours and some translating in the database.

But as far as I know you read the Arabic language from right to the left. It means you also have to work on the layout to make it look nice

My advise: Don't do it. It's to complex.
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By manuel
I presume you mean the Tabs at the top.
In that case you have to edit the following files and change the _moduleTabText to whatever you like.
Use Notepad++ for editing, that's a very usefull tool.
The changes will take effect after you login again.

Line 00043: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Dashboard';


Line 00054: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Activities';

Line 00081: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Job Orders';

Line 00071: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Candidates';

Line 00058: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Companies';

Line 00068: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Contacts';


Line 00054: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Lists';

Line 00044: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Calendar';

Line 00044: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Reports';

Line 00068: $this->_moduleTabText = 'Settings';
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