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By oneupweb
Each time I try to run a backup of my CATS information I get the following errors: [19-Nov-2008 11:30:20] PHP Warning: filesize() [<a href='function.filesize'>function.filesize</a>]: stat failed for attachments/site_1/0xxx/9816346be1cfbeb82f5178c8249681a5//Afile.pdf in C:\wamp\www\\lib\FileCompressor.php on line 459

When I look at line 459 I see the following code: $uncompressedLength = filesize($filename);, but have no idea what I should be doing to fix this. It happens on more than one attachment and seems to be for very small attachments, not large ones.
Any ideas?
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By RussH
Hiya - and welcome!

I won't pretend to know why this is happening - but is this from the backup option in the administrators menu, or via the command-line backup script?

The installation instructions say;
3) CLI / On demand backups CATS can generate a backup from the command line on Unix systems. If the Unix zip utility is installed, then you can execute:

php scripts/makeBackup.php 1

from the CATS root directory to generate a backup in scrips/backup/catsbackup.bak.

This, combined with a script to rotate backups which was executed from cron, could yield automated backups.
- so I'd check that the web interface is calling the same script by trying it at a command line - and also check that zip is installed (within Unix / Cygwin)
By oneupweb
Thanks for the reply. I have decided to just work around this backup by backing up the MySQL database and the attachments folder seperately. I'm not a programmer and have spent way too much time on this already. I was only trying to use the built in backup utility from the web interface and it just doesn't work. It will be easier to just copy this information through an automated backup job anyway.
By montievv
i get the same error. my database size is above 1 GB. Attachments size is way beyond. What I have figured is that this happens when your db and attachments are too big to handle. Basically it creates the catsbackup.sql and catsbackup.sql.n files but cant make zip utility combine attachments

still trying to upgrade from 0.7.1 to 0.9.1 but no success. and there is no command line backup in 0.7.1

When i try to create a catsbackup.back file on my own (catsbackup.sql becomes database, catsbackup.sql.n files go into db folder and attachments remains as is), I get the following error:

Query Error -- Please Report This Bug!

MySQL Query Failed: Table 'cats09.attachment' doesn't exist

PLEASE HELP!!! I am not programmer but am good with Linux. I promise to help others in this community. For any small issues (installation, etc.) please mail me. As long as I can ssh into your machine, I will help you guys free of cost.
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By RussH
as you say - if you're a linux user and have webmin installed, just schedule a sql backup job in the gui.

As you've said - I'm no programmer either, but I'll put it on my lis t- I'm sure I can amend that script not to try and zip the file - otherwise, I'll tar the file instead.
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