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By lfukuda
Is there a way to post the job orders to a website?
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By RussH

Yes either enable the careers portal if you want to run your own job site, or use the WordPress plugin, or use the XML feed to provide jobs to a 3rd party job site.
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By RussH
Currently for wordpress you have three options;

1. Put the Careers portal in an iframe. Potentially looks the worst, but gives you the tightest website/opencats integration

2. Use the plugin WP Job Manager and point your XML feed at it. Looks very nice and integrated on the website.

3. Use the Wordpress Opencats plugin on the site - it'll show a sidebar of available jobs, a job listing and separate page per job with 'apply here' buttons. This will send you an application (not integrated to the backend). This needs a MySQL connection open from your webserver to your opencats database (by default, on port 3306)
*if you're on shared hosting this is the most vulnerable option.
By lukebrenner
Hi RussH,

can you please elaborate this :

"2. Use the plugin WP Job Manager and point your XML feed at it. Looks very nice and integrated on the website. "

I would like to know how exactly this can be done, I have installed the plugin.

Thank you very much in advance !
By lukebrenner
I have also tested the Wordpress integration plugin, followed the instructions but the job detail page displays as in attachment.
Tried to use the plugin with 2019 Theme, didn't work. Installed 2012 theme, it works but displays as shown.
Using WP version 5.0.1 and latest opencats 0.9.4-2.
opencats_wordpress.JPG (44.41 KiB) Viewed 1283 times
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By alexukie
you can also do custom made api.. depends what the website it runs on.. just do a query to xml or mysql database.. and then integrate on your website. on freelancer you can have that done for less than few hundred dollars..

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