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By zoomiest
I recently installed my older version of CATS, and am getting the "PHP white screen of death." (Some fatal PHP error and the whole screen is blank).

I would upgrade to OpenCATS and get the benefit of a more current version of PHP, except I have so many customizations that I would regret loosing (already submitted to Russ, to be included in future releases of OpenCATS).

Interventions so far:
I have loaded OpenCATS beside my CATS, and now, if I open up OpenCATS first, its loads something to the browser that allows me to, then go back, open up CATS, and its visible.

See for yourself: (CATS - open this first - should be a white screen) (OpenCATS - you will see the logon page as per normal... now go back to the old CATS and you can see the login)

Has anyone had this issue? Is there a setting, or a tweak that I can add to an older release of CATS to make it visible again?
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By RussH
Hey Zoomiest - you shoudl never have a WSOD.. Make sure you have an old version of PHP to work alongside your old cats, and same for whatever version of MySQL you have, too
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