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We are trying to integrate opencats with our existing custom scoring application.
To do so, we would like to include a link in the initial email sent to candidates which takes them to our external application form. After the form has been scored, we would then like to pass them back into the opencats pipeline according to how they did (reject or interview).

We are considering the best way to achieve this will be to input a link in the initial email sent to each candidate when they apply through the careers portal - so it might look something like this:

That way we can store the candidate's ID in our external app and pass back all the further info we accumulate about them to their profile in opencats afterwards. It also means the candidate doesn't have to enter their details again in our app because we can grab it from their candidate_id in openCats.

I have generated a custom field in job orders for storing the 'appforms/business-manager' section of the URL. So I now just need to know how it might be possible to use that field as a merge field in an email template. Then we can prefix it with '', add the '?cid=' on the end and profix it all with the candidate_id field on the end.

Can anyone explain how we can do this so the automated email sent on application contains a line such as this:

Please go here to complete our application form for this job:
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I do hope this is possible, but if not - or if you think there's a better way to achieve the same outcome - please let me know.

Many thanks
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