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OpenCats works but site defaults to Apache Test Page

Posted: 04 Jul 2019, 03:13
by Loren
Hello friends.
I got my most recent installation of OpenCATS up and running fine - as long as I go to http://1.234.567.89/opencats/
But, I can't get the site to default to OpenCATS.
If I go to http://1.234.567.89 I just get the Apache Test Page.
(obviously, that's a made up IP)
Am I missing a setting somewhere to get the OpenCATS login or index page to be the default rather than the Apache test page?

I did the installation on an Amazon EC2 server running Amazon Linux 2.

Thanks for any help or guidance.

Re: OpenCats works but site defaults to Apache Test Page  [SOLVED]

Posted: 04 Jul 2019, 10:50
by RussH

I assume you've installed opencats to (for example) /var/www/html/opencats/

This will give you a URL of http://mywebsite/opencats/

you could just symlink /var/www/html/index.php to /var/www/html/opencats/index.php