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CATSone - Unable to have emails send to candidates in bulk on status change with PHP code cron job

Posted: 27 May 2020, 11:21
by Ranbert Hernandez
I've written a custom PHP code which is actually a single page console too for when changing candidate statuses in bulk after few days when they did not react to a job. In the console you can see the pipeline, date of last status change, new status the pipeline should get, the workflow id and the candidate id for the job and pipeline.

Normally, the recruiter does this manually changing the candidate's status if the candidate reacted to the job offer/opportunity. But my client wanted this to be done daily automatically through a cron job. My PHP code does the API calls (curl) to get the pipelines, check the current status of the candidate linked to a job and changes the status for all candidates as expected. If no reaction by the candidate in max. 2 days, the status will change to a second one, then again a last chance setting the last status. With each change, (after the PHP file was launched in the browser at a specific time of the day as a cron job), the candidate should also get an email. Slugs are set, triggers are set, mappings and even webhooks but, no email are send to anyone.

It would be nice for CATSone to also allow the automatic sending of e-mails to candidates, log these emails, when a candidate status changes for a job when bulk status changes are done with a custom PHP code (API calls).

At this moment, even when the events, triggers and mappings including webhooks are enabled, the candidates are not receiving any email about their status change. The logging of these status changes and email sending are essential too for the recruiter and recruiting company.

The other current issue which could be fixed with this fix is that when statuses are changed through a PHP API call, the status will not revert to the previous one when a recruiter deletes an activity. The previous activity will be back on top, but the status showing is not the real status as the new status which was deleted is still the one that is set for the candidate.

Has anyone experienced this issue too with bulk status changing with a custom PHP code which does the changes through API calls (curl)? Got a solution too?