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Hello everyone!

[ I've updated the original post and attached screenshots in Gzip file of DOCX. Hope its a little clearer on the issue]

Have run into problem with the Job Orders page, when attaching Candidate to the Job Order. After creating new companies, candidates, and job orders via the OpenCats UI, the "Candidate in Job Order Grid" is empty for all job orders etc.

Screen shots below to show issue and related entries.

How to reproduce:

1) [ Reinstall ] OpenCats via UI (Delete all data and attachments) **
2) [ ADD ] 3x Companies
3) [ ADD ] 3x Candidates
4) [ ADD ] 3x Joborders
5) [ Attach ] 3x Candidates to 1x job each
6) [ Change ] 3x Candidate Status ( Qualifying, Submitted, Interviewing) ++

** : All Installation steps are marked “Green” on installer
++: as per LINES: 116 -119 (JobOrders.tpl) I changed the status of the candidateS

General Information

Operating System: Linux 5.3.0-62-generic #56~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 24 16:17:03 UTC 2020 x86_64
Operating System Type: CATS thinks your operating system is UNIX.
PHP Version: 7.4.8
Database Version: MySQL 5.7.31-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
Installation Directory: /var/www/htdocs_cats
(1.44 MiB) Downloaded 26 times
RussH wrote: 07 Aug 2020, 11:12 Hi Karl,

I believe this version is being run in anger on php 7.2 only currently, but we do CI/CD using travis against php 7.4, too and it passes build tests. Please raise this as a github issue.
Hey Russ,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

So all is good if we downgrade to php 7.2?

If so will do that, so we can continue our migration. Not really fussed which version of php we need to use, so long as we can migrate and all functions are working properly.

Thanks again for your support,

Hi Russ. Have you managed to investigate this one?

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