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Hi Team,

I have been using Open Cats since 2 years now on a shared hosting, my host has discontinued support for PHP5.6 therefore I was forced to upgrade to Open Cats 9.5.3 as my shared host only provides PHP 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4

After the upgrade, I have been unable to see the Candidates in the Candidates Home, or even in Job Orders they are not visible in the front end, data exists in the database. They are also visible in Activities, Dashboard, Report.

I am unable to pinpoint the issue to resolve this, would appreciate help and do let me know what other information would be required in order to resolve this at the earliest. This would be an urgent issue for us.

Unfortunately, the person who was updating it, didn't do a backup, therefore, I'm here first time in 2 years. As far as I have tried to check, there are no errors being thrown. I'm thinking that it's unable to fetch the data somehow from the database.

Would it be of any help if I can give you access to the ATS?

Here's a screenshot of how it looks on the Candidate Page (notice it says 2 items there's more than 2250+ in the database)

In a Job Order (Notice it says 3 candidates in Status Graph but none are there in the list below)

Hi, I have been able to identify the issue and resolved the problem after lot of troubleshooting and testing.

The problem came down to a database issue.

Issue being, the new 9.5.3/2 has a new database table called candidate_duplicates if your older version of OpenCats does not have this(mostly may not), you will have to manually add it as doing a upgrade will not fix it(via installation wizard).

What I essentially did was installed a fresh copy of OpenCats, copied this database table to the existing database and finally now I can see the candidate list and OpenCats now runs properly as usual. Hope this helps anyone who has been having a similar issue.

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