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how to "delete" a user

Posted: 03 Aug 2009, 19:29
by crash893
I know this may be a simple one but i don't see where you can acutally delete a user.

if i edit a user i can "disable" them but i see no option to delete the name out of the system.

Re: how to "delete" a user

Posted: 07 Aug 2009, 16:00
by tonnic
Why delete a user, rather than disable one?. It's good to have the history of notes for the candidates, etc. ie if a note is added by user1 and you delete user1, wouldn't you want to see which user posted the note?

Re: how to "delete" a user

Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 04:10
by Frapster

Did we find a solution for this?

or do I have to do it directly in the database?

Re: how to "delete" a user

Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 14:26
by RussH

as the thread suggests, users are disabled in opencats rather than deleted - just to avoid any issues with orphaned records in the database. If you particularly wanted to remove them, you'd have to delete them from the user table in the database.

Re: how to "delete" a user

Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 22:59
by Frapster
Thanks for the reply

The thread op asked about deleting and you replied with why and you can disable. I thought the op might have found a way to do this hence my post.

Thanks for the info