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By vstockwell
Ok guys I will be adding a zip url with all the components for a successfully and fully functional windows (WAMP) installation. First download the latest version of open cats from the downloads site here. Then download this package from my website This zip files contains working equivalents to the linux components needed for OpenCATS including, Antiword, HTML2Text, Sphinx, Unrtf, and pdftotext. Once you have my compliation of the windows binaries download them extract them the root directory of your C:\ drive. (I suggest the C:\ drive I've had the best luck with everything functioning on a windows web host using the latest Apache2, MySQL, and PHP installs.)

Next extract your OpenCATS archive to what ever folder you wish within your web hosting directory. Open config.php and change the following lines to match your installation.

Code: Select all
/* Text parser settings. Remember to use double backslashes (\) to represent
 * one backslash (\). On Windows, installing in C:\antiword\ is
 * recomended, in which case you should set ANTIWORD_PATH (below) to
 * 'C:\\antiword\\antiword.exe'. Windows Antiword will have problems locating
 * mapping files if you install it anywhere but C:\antiword\.
define('ANTIWORD_PATH', "C:\\antiword\\antiword.exe");
define('ANTIWORD_MAP', '8859-1.txt');

/* XPDF / pdftotext settings. Remember to use double backslashes (\) to represent
 * one backslash (\).
define('PDFTOTEXT_PATH', "c:\\pdftotext\\pdftotext.exe");

/* html2text settings. Remember to use double backslashes (\) to represent
 * one backslash (\). 'html2text' can be found at:
define('HTML2TEXT_PATH', "c:\\html2text\\html2txt.exe");

/* UnRTF settings. Remember to use double backslashes (\) to represent
 * one backslash (\). 'unrtf' can be found at:
define('UNRTF_PATH', "c:\\unrtf\\bin\\unrtf.exe");
Once done run
Code: Select all
and you should see everything is green. Now run
Code: Select all
Follow the on screen prompts and you should have a fully functional windows hosting OpenCATS installation. Questions or Comments are welcome
you can always email me at
Code: Select all
although as the VP of IT and Recruiting for a IT Staffing and Consulting Agency I may not respond right away but I will eventually respond. If I don't know the answer I will help you find it to the best of my ability.

Further more as new windows ports of the components are released I will update and repack my archive and then I will post on here that the windows component archive has been updated please download the newest version.
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By RussH
Hey, thanks for giving back :-)

Can you add this into the Opencats wiki?
either on this page - ... stallation - or you could link out to a new page just for WAMP installs - as allot of folks seem to have WAMP installations!

Probably easier for the windows install page on the wiki to be updated than for folks to find the info in the forums. Also happy for you to host your packages on the downloads page? ... _downloads

Finally - I'm just updating the sphinx version (on Linux) to accommodate the latest sphinx release - which supports boolean operators, are you able to roll the latest version into your WAMP release as well?
By vstockwell
Yeah Russ I will update the wiki with a Windows Install guide however I don't use a WAMP Stack I manually install and configure all the components as needed. I find you get a much better web server with that method.

My components will be updated by End of Business tomorrow. Unfortunately I've been busy with lots of projects lately but I am working on an updated package to include a download of all components with a wamp stack and a download without.

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