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Joomla opencats connector question

Posted: 20 Nov 2009, 01:57
by guysmiley
I have sucessfully been running opencats over the past year.
I've also sucessfully been running joomla over the same time period.

I have recently configured the connector between opencat and joomla. I updated the .php files to include the proper username/password database connect string. OpenCats shows up on Joomla just fine, but I don't get any data.

When I looked closer at why I wasn't receiving any resulting jobs I noticed the query statement looking at the extra_field.data_item_id and joining it with the joborder.joborder_id. I looked at our extra_field table and we don't have any entries listed.

Q: Is their a configuration setting we can easily set to get the data_item_id and joborder_id in sync and keep them in sync?

Q: Out of curiousity what was being stored in your extra_field table?

Many thanks,

Re: Joomla opencats connector question

Posted: 22 Nov 2009, 23:33
by RussH
Hi Jason, i'll go check the documentation i have in subversion and update it or make it more accessible. I suspect its the vacancy category (it,financial,catering,etc) but i'll check.

Re: Joomla opencats connector question

Posted: 24 Nov 2009, 12:42
by RussH
Okay, I've updated the readme in Subversion to this;
This Joomla connector comprises three Joomla components - one module, one component, and one search component (evolved from the image available on the opencats download page).

This connector is known to work with Joomla 1.5.9 and below, and will work by default with OpenCATS v0.9.1a. Some work would be required due to db name changes in order to have it work with OSATS.

The module will display a list of 'sectors' the jobs are available in - for example IT, Management etc
The Component displays the job details, and allows people to apply to jobs.

Options that will need to be changed in order to connect to a different OpenCATS server include;

Description placeholdername in config files

server IP address yourcatsservername
MySQL db name yourcatsdbname
MySQL db username yourcatsdbusername
MySQL db password yourcatsdbpassword

(optionally, for a remote OpenCATS installation, you nedd to further define the directory where you want applicant resume's FTP'd to)

This will need to be configured in the three sections;

-catsone module
-catsone component
-catsone search

to ensure full functionality within Joomla.

As a default OpenCATS installation will not categorise jobs by sector, this Joomla module expects to have an 'extra field' defined from within the CATS administration interface,
please call it "Job Orders"
Within this field you will have the sectors you want to use to categorise your jobs, for example;
Information Technology

If you want to change these sectors, you need to change the code within the Joomla Module, as it will attempt a match against this extra field.

Remember with a remote OpenCATS server you will need to open the MySQL and FTP ports bwtween your webserver and your OpenCATS server.
MySQL port is 3306
FTP port is 21

Any, all suport queries to the Opencats forum or the develoment discussion list.

FINAL NOTE: this Joomla module/component is not configured to 'automagically install' as yet.

RussH | OpenCats.