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By loniu74
Hi Guys,

First let me say, after first tries the system looks brilliant. I must say it is very impressive and the user interface is just brilliant. I dream to implement it for a small recruiting company of my wife. Actually I should honestly say she is just a independent recruiter :-). As we live in Poland and the company operates in Poland we have different encoding then US for example. We need to use UTF-8 otherwise the content copied from CV looks as follow:

<-- Beginig of example content

przedstawicielstwo korporacji (producent rozwiÄ…za?„ kalsy Content Management Systems)
Sales Manager
â€? Wprowadzenie nowych produkt??w na rynki Europy ?šrodkowej i Wschodniej,
â€? Budowa kana?‚??w dystrybucji – zawieranie strategicznych porozumie?„ partnerskich
â€? Sprzeda?? rozwiÄ…za?„ i wspomaganie proces??w wdro??eniowych
� Opracowywanie technik sprzeda??y
� Negocjacje handlowe na poziomie „top managementu�
� Analiza konkurencji i modyfikowanie polityki sprzeda??y
� Planowanie sprzeda??y
â€? Dzia?‚ania PR
â€? Dzia?‚ania marketingowe zwiÄ…zane z wprowadzaniem produktu na rynek


Is there any chance to work it out.
I will appriciate any help suggestions how to resolve this issue.
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By RussH

not quite sure why you can't choose a UTF-8 encolding scheme for your MYSQL db?

Give me a PM with some additional details..

Alternatively, try OSATS (under development in Subversion), which has full multi-lingual support

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By RussH
loniu74 wrote:Thanks Russh, it was my mistake, everything is ok now.
No worries, thanks for confirming back to the forums. Don't forget - any ideas / enhancements are welcomed - either as a request or to contribute what you've done yourself!

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