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The candidates list in some Job Orders do not display after showing the loading animation for a few secs. I'm seeing this specifically for orders that have >500 candidates. For orders with candidates fewer than 500, it works fine & the candidate list displays.

I've tried increasing the timeout limit in PHP settings to 120 secs, but that hasn't helped.

Seeking help in this matter. Thanks in advance.
This seems an unusual use-case - 500 candidates in a job order seems unmanageable..

However - the candidate list is an Ajax call and there is a separate ajax timeout you may want amend and see if it resolves this issue;
in js/lib.js

var CATSIndexName;
/* Default timeout for AJAX requests; 15 seconds. */
var AJAX_TIMEOUT = 15000;
function toggleVisibility()

Otherwise I'd recommending replicating your database into a test environment and enable php error reporting, and also check your mysql logs to see if a query failing.

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