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By Aaron
Where can I change the names on the tabs across the top of the page, named Dashboard, Activities, Candidates, Companies, etc.?
By Sebbo
Hi Aaron,

i don't know if you solved this meanwhile on your own.

If not, you can rename the tab names in the corresponding [tabname]UI.php in the /modules folder.

Right after the includes you find

public function __construct()

$this->_authenticationRequired = true;
$this->_moduleDirectory = 'candidates';
$this->_moduleName = 'candidates';
$this->_moduleTabText = 'Candidates'; <- Here you can change the tab text
$this->_subTabs = array(
'Add Candidate => CATSUtility::getIndexName() . '?m=candidates&a=add*al=' . ACCESS_LEVEL_EDIT, <- Here you can change link texts under the tabs
'Search Candidate' => CATSUtility::getIndexName() . '?m=candidates&a=search'

Tab Name change takes effect after an new login.
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