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By dveos
Hi, this is my first and hopefully last cry for help!

I am having issues configuring HTML email functionality. When I try to send an email I get the following script error:

The url for script error is as follows: OpenCATS-master/index.php?m=candidates&a=emailCandidates&i=candidates%3AcandidatesListByViewDataGrid&p=a%3A6%3A%7Bs%3A10%3A%22rangeStart%22%3Bi%3A0%3Bs%3A10%3A%22maxResults%22%3Bi%3A100000000%3Bs%3A13%3A%22filterVisible%22%3Bb%3A0%3Bs%3A6%3A%22sortBy%22%3Bs%3A16%3A%22dateModifiedSort%22%3Bs%3A13%3A%22sortDirection%22%3Bs%3A4%3A%22DESC%22%3Bs%3A16%3A%22noSaveParameters%22%3Bb%3A1%3B%7D

No matter if I press either no or yes, the standard email body is displayed rather than HTML body. I have tried reinstalling CKeditor and SendEmail.tpl but now find myself out of ideas..

I appreciate any assistance available to me :)

Thank you!
By dveos
Sorry for the split messages, but I have just noticed I cannot action send email using "selected" button only "all".

If I use an older copy of SendEmail.tpl all functionality is perfect, just without HTML body.

Thank you.
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By manuel
Knowing that the Opencats software is OK I advice to make a clean and new install and don't swap files from different versions.
If the error still exist my common sence says it must be the settings or missing functionality at your server.(I asume you are hosting it yourself)

Don't forget to backup before getting started.
By dveos
Thank you for your advice, I apologise for the delay in response.

I have tried a clean re-install, however I am still having email issues so I assume the problem lies with my server (wamp).

If I make any advances I will post results, if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
By dveos
I must again apologise, I have been using/reinstalling version 0.9.2 Diablo..

I have now installed version 0.9.1a and everything is working great, Thanks again!
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By RussH
Hi dveos, can you log this as a bug in bugzilla against 0.9.2 please?
By dveos
Hi RussH, sure I will log my findings accordingly.

Still on the subject of HTML emails, when sending a table (using Opencats 0.9.1a and CKEditor 4.5.1 Standard or Full) the received email always seems to be formatted incorrectly. Here is a snapshot(s) of the issue I'm having:

Image Image is received like -> Image

This is coherent across both mobile, and various desktop mailing clients and I cannot seem to establish why this is happening. :?

If anyone has any suggestions they are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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By RussH
sorry - is that the bundled version of CKEditor or are you dropping in the most recent version?
By dveos
Hi Russ,

Thank you for your speedy response,

I have tried using the bundled version of CKEditor standard (v.4.4.7) and also both CKEditor standard & full (v.4.5.1) :geek:
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By manuel
I think the reason is has to do with the fact that the word "test" is not put in a table like the rest but just a single word witin the HTML language.
Try creating your newsletter only with the use of tables and send it again.
It's gonna be a try on error. :-)
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