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Job assign email not sending to recruiter. Test configuration is working fine bt send test email and "Job Order Assigned (Sent to Assigned Recruiter)" also checked. But when I assigned job email not going. What could be wrong?
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define('MAIL_MAILER', 3);

define('MAIL_SENDMAIL_PATH', "/usr/sbin/sendmail");

/* SMTP Settings. You don't need to worry about this unless MAIL_MAILER is
 * set to 3. If your server requires authentication, set MAIL_SMTP_AUTH to
 * true and configure MAIL_SMTP_USER and MAIL_SMTP_PASS.
define('MAIL_SMTP_HOST', "");
define('MAIL_SMTP_PORT', 465);
define('MAIL_SMTP_AUTH', true);
define('MAIL_SMTP_USER', "");
define('MAIL_SMTP_PASS', "mypassword");
//Options: '', 'ssl' or 'tls'
define('MAIL_SMTP_SECURE', "ssl");
I am having the same issue mentioned by itsmesri. Test Email Configuration from Settings -> Administration is working. Emails are working when, for example, Contact owner is changed and checkbox before E-Mail new owner of change is checked. In this case an entry is made in DB email_history table as well.

However, eventhough Job Order Assigned (Sent to Assigned Recruiter) is checked in the Email Configuration screen, emails are not sent when the assigned recruiter is changed. Also, I noticed there is no entry in DB email_history table.

I am using 0.9.5-3 version of OpenCATS.

Could someone help?

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