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By caines1989
awesome thanks alot mate, im defo gonna give this all a go tonight, i got too many CV's that i need to parse :) but i will keep you posted if i have any probs, cheers mate
By caines1989
Hey Devos

I actually gave it all a go and all works seamless now mate thanks alot for all your help here dude, this was the main piece missing to the puzzle :D
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By kevinharper
I noticed the file link expired in 2015.

1) Is this fix already incorporated into v0.9.4 of OpenCATS?
2) Does it solve the problem of parsing resumes during the upload process?
By dveos
Hi Kevin,

1, I don't think this will be implemented into latest version as it's more of a work around / unofficial solution - but I may be wrong?
2, In a nutshell, Yes. This quick fix basically bypasses antiword etc. and parses resume documents on upload (.doc, .docx, & .pdf) so that they can be search indexed. * Please note it won't automatically search index documents already on the system, you would have to manually re-add old records.
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By kevinharper
Thank you @dveos. The file upload link has expired, though. It's asking for a $5/mo. subscription agreement to download the files.

Is anyone able to zip those files and post a link that doesn't expire, maybe?

By dveos
Hi Kevin, happy to re-upload to a host that doesn't expire, do you have any suggestions?
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