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By karthikjoe
Hi cptr13...are you did any modification in codes or directly replace with these codes..?
Because i did directly replaced codes but not working on my side..?
Any ideas..!!!
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By cptr13
All I did was add the new lib directory in to the main OpenCATS directory. Merge and overwrite. No code changes at all.
By caines1989
Guys fantastic work on this it works perfect, but it seems a little tempermental, i search java and only shows 1 guy even though i have over 100 cv's.

all of them are PDF files, so maybe that could be a problem?

my php version is 5.6 on the server too
By caines1989
Also trying to add a CV i get this error

Fatal error: Class 'Smalot\PdfParser\Parser' not found in /homepages/31/d681928530/htdocs/home/lib/DocumentReader.php on line 125

do you guys know what to add or change here?
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By cptr13
caines: I haven't played with it much yet. I ran a few quick tests and it was only pulling results of one or two filetypes. So I'm having similar issues. I haven't had time to play with it and try to see what the issue could be.
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By cptr13
Also, that error, I'm not familiar with. So I have a few questions.

Have you been running the same opencats system prior to importing the libs folder?

What I'm asking, is were you having any problems before this? Or are you 100% sure that this is a new problem?
By caines1989
Hi cptr13

yes this is the same opencats i have been using with all my data on already, i did already have the previous lib folder backed up just incase,

all i did was copy over the new lib folder merged and pasted the new files into the original, then the parser was working fine, but uploading new cvs would not work which it gave me this error,

since the error i deleted the lib folder and replaced it with my back up so all is still working fine :)

im going to try Russ's spinx tutorial which he mentioned on Github ... inx-search see what the outcome is, currently my shared host is 1&1 so i wonder if they could help some how, ill keep you guys posted
By caines1989
im running the latest 9.0.4 currently, maybe you know if it works on that version?

but Devos was awesome thinking about the candidATS files and opencats, because its pretty similar so there should not be much to change or add, i might have to reach out to a few PHP friends :)
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