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By MaxLA1990
Do you need "Admin" status to send emails through Opencats? The option for emailing is not there unless the User is admin or root level. Is there a way to change this? I would like Users to be able to email on the system, but don't necessarily want them to have Admin privileges.
You should post this as an issue to our GitHub page.

They built access controls into the 0.9.4 release and it may be able to do this. I'm not sure how it works just yet though :)

The devs will see the issue and respond
Necroposting I know, however, this is the exact issue that I’m having after installing i.e. only Admins see email options in Candidates and Lists etc
It appears that spammers have infiltrated these forums.,,,,,

Hope that doesn't drown out my current OpenCAT issue i.e. only Admins see email options in Candidates and Lists etc

I have looked at ... trol-Lists and tried:


class ACL_SETUP {

// defining user roles
public static $USER_ROLES = array(
'candidate' => array('Candidate', 'candidate', 'This is a candidate.', ACCESS_LEVEL_SA, ACCESS_LEVEL_READ),
'demo' => array('Demo', 'demo', 'This is a demo user.', ACCESS_LEVEL_SA, ACCESS_LEVEL_READ)

// defining access levels different from the default access level
public static $ACCESS_LEVEL_MAP = array(
'candidate' => array(
'demo' => array(
'candidates' => ACCESS_LEVEL_DELETE,
'candidates.emailCandidates' => ACCESS_LEVEL_SA,
'candidates.history' => ACCESS_LEVEL_DEMO,
'joborders' => ACCESS_LEVEL_DELETE,
‘recruiter' => array(
'candidates.emailCandidates' => ACCESS_LEVEL_EDIT,)

Amongst other attempts, all without success.

- Update: I worked around this by upgrading my account to Admin.
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