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By saadaamir
Hi, I'm using the search candidates API to search for candidates matching certain requirements. I'm passing a Boolean Search string to the API to return matched candidates.
Sometimes the search is satisfactory, but sometimes it searches for random or different job roles than the ones we are actually looking for.
Is there a way to make the search accurate?
Include synonyms or alternative terms for job roles or skills to capture a broader range of candidates. For example, ("software engineer" OR programmer OR developer). Variants: Account for different heardle spellings or variations in job titles and skills (e.g., ("Java developer" OR "Java programmer" OR "Software Engineer - Java")).
Determine how the API handles search parameters and whether it supports Boolean search syntax like AND, OR, NOT. Create a Boolean search string based on your specific search query. For examplepizza tower: "keyword1 AND (keyword2 OR keyword3)".

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