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Am I missing this around here...if so please stop me.

We've successfully run the old CATS for years (if it ain't broke...) and it has served us well.
However, our primary web systems are now JOOMLA, with the exception of the old CATS which we're currently <iframe>ing in.
I would MUCH rather give the Joomla module a go...but in setting it up, despite changing the helper.php file to the current CATS db is showing bizarre stuff not having to do with our database. "information Technology" "Catering" categories. We have none. We have only "teachers" which doesn't show.

But the fact that it is showing up gives me hope ... that I've just got something stupid setting stupidly set to something wrong.

Hi John,

yep that's a 'feature' from the old module and component. it's been fixed - to work almost 90% now.. just working the last 10%!

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