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By eahmed
I have successfully installed OpenCats on windows using WAMP but i am not able to install it on websever. The database connectivity is not getting done. Please help me out with a solution. I am installing on it a folder

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By RussH
Hi Ejaz,

did you have a username / password ready for mysql which also has create privileges on the db?
By eahmed
Hi RussH,

thanks for your reply. yes i have read created mysql username and password ready which is as follows and updated config.php file

database name: peoplefo_cats
user: peoplefo_cats
password; password

this is a shared webserver (the url is the step 2 is not being initiated. Please guide

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By RussH
this is a shared webserver (the url is the step 2 is not being initiated. Please guide


that's odd - presumably there's something timing out in the install script - most likely due to a missing dependency. Do you have any errors showing in your apache error log?
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By manuel
A normal installation for step one should look like this, including the error.


For some reason the install procedure stops when seeking / testing for soap.
It seems that you don't even get to step2, the database connection.

I'm sorry I don't have a solution but may it puts you on the right track.
By eahmed
Hi RussH,

i have installed the ATS but while adding Contact, I am not able to choose the company (which i have already added). When clicked on company, it shows blank.

also please let me know how i can i add timezone for IST (India Standard Time)


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