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By laraveb
Hi, my name is Bernardo and I am not tech savvy. I am doing my final project to my masters degree, and my idea is to make opencats into an athletics recruiting database for the soccer team at my university (I am one of the coaches). I am stuck though. Is there anyone that could help me to do it so that I can graduate? I have been messing with it and was able to customize some fields but I can't see those customized fields after I save the candidate (in this case player). Look at the pics below. Anyone can help me with that? Or what I want to do is just too complicated for someone who is not an expert? I would need very detailed instructions. Please let me know.
2019-02-09.png (157.42 KiB) Viewed 1592 times
2019-02-09 (1).png
2019-02-09 (1).png (142.96 KiB) Viewed 1592 times
2019-02-09 (2).png
2019-02-09 (2).png (208.3 KiB) Viewed 1592 times
First of all thank you for replying. Well, as I said I am not tech savvy. I did changed some of the php code to get to this point but I have not touched the database (mysql) part of it. And also I am not sure if I have changed the code in all places I was supposed to. I have read that in order to customize questions asked, tabs, etc the code has to be changed in a few different places plus in the database. So what is probably happening is that I have changed the code in some places (as you can see some of the fields have been customized) but I probably haven't in others and that is where I am stuck/lost. If you could go step by step and show me how to add for example the table "high school playing experience" in the proper way (by that I mean showing everywhere that the code needs to be changed) that would help tremendously.
If you don't want to dig into code, I'd just stick with using the admin tab to add additional fields. Once you have them all created then you can edit constants.php to hide any tabs(modules) you don't want to see.

It may not be as pretty as you want it, but it'll be very simple.

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