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Due to a recent breach of my website, I have had to update all my services to ensure I had the latest patches. Unfortunately, that broke OpenCATS as I am now on PHP 7.2.7 as part of the remediation. My IT team will not let us downgrade PHP now, so I'm unable to access OpenCATS from the front end. I do still have access to the file manager, and supposedly the database. If I could do a simple export from the back end (.csv, etc.), that would solve all my problems as I could then move to a different ATS. However, without that data I'm sunk. Is there any way around this in my situation? Thanks in advance for your help.
Sorry - sounds like you've been through it. If you're simply trying to export the data you can use phpmyadmin to export the contents of the MySQL database to a SQL file, or to a CSV where you could manipulate it with excel. Alternatively, you can run the php-7.x compatible version WHICH IS STILL IN TESTING ...

This will install on PHP 7.0,7.1,7.2.. however there are some additional steps needed in PHP7.2 to enable mcrypt support (the short answer is to use PECL) if you wanted to carry on running OpenCATS.

The PHP 7.x version won't be tagged for release for a few weeks/months, as some of the unit tests fail.. that's more an issue of the unit tests not supporting php7 than an issue with the actual OpenCATS code.
ahh, third option, you can run it entirely as a docker container. Either the old version with its own entirely separate version of php or the new version. Nice and secure, too.

Anyway, for csv export, just navigate to the tables candidates (to export candidate details), then contact (for contact details) and finally joborder (for vacancies) - then click the export tab (shown in the screenshot)

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