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Hello Everyone!

I'm 1/2 way through migrating 2.5 million rows Commercial ATS to OpenCats. Lots of fun !

One issue im facing is that the 'contacts' datagrid of the Company UI page is showing duplicate multiple rows FORALL assoc. contacts of that company.

I'm really struggling to get my head around the OC Lib/MOD stack.

I know the contacts datagrid is constructed via LINES: 296-404 of modules/companies/Show.tpl.

How to find the actual SQL that creates this DataGrid so i may "Re-create" the output in phpMyadmin or bash console via mysql command line, please so I can find the source of the duplicate rows.

Many thanks for any assistance in advance,
contracts_grid.jpg (156.42 KiB) Viewed 840 times
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