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Is there a way to add a "Custom Field" that looks and functions like the description field and has the content editor instead of a multiline text file and can handle HTML.

We are looking to create fields for "Responsibilities", "Required Qualifications", and "Desired Qualifications" which are often times a bulleted list. I know how to create a bulleted list (unordered list) but don't see how to do so with a custom field due to it being a text field

Any ideas?
Fairly sure this is into installation specific changes and you'd add this as a new field to the appropriate MySQL table, and then write some code to read/write to it as you need. You'd just duplicate another field/code that you want it to act like.. but of course then you've forked the code and would have to be very very careful about keeping your changes when you upgrade in the future.

There are folks who will happily customise your code for you as a piece of paid work if the coding is beyond your skills.
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